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happy halloween .:SONETAL:. 2012 by sammyvzzchaconHappy birthday EaLicaria! by CaxceberXVI------> For my birthday November 6 2012!!!!!

Credits to:Square Enix Stamp by SuperFlash1980

and :iconpeter-hugplz::iconcaxceberxvi::iconsammyvzzchacon::iconkittan-iconhug2: by kittan-iconhug2





  • Listening to: Kreo- Burn For you
  • Reading: \
  • Watching: MLPS3
  • Playing: ADD
  • Eating: Chocolates *¬*
  • Drinking: Milk -w-
:iconflyingheartsplz: :iconaxelkissplz::iconleftangelwingplz::iconealicaria::iconrightangelwingplz::iconaxelkissplz2: :iconflyingheartsplz:

uf... que parido se va el aρo, apenas me acuerdo que empezaba y ahora ‘ya es febrero!, jeje lo que significa que el 14 llega -w-, yo creo que no harι nada especial, mas que un pequeρo pero significativo intercambio con mis amigas de la escuela y empalagarme de chocolates >w< (aunque no debo comerlos jajajaja >=3)

Lamento mi ausencia todo este tiempo,no crean que me he olvidado de mis amigos en DA :dalove: solo que....  ‘El tiempo me come! >~<, ni como encontrar la manera de evitarlo ¬_¬, pero tratarι de ponerme al corriente con mis dibujos (sip, hay nuevos :iconyay-plz:) jaja espero que reciban muchos obsequios este 14 :3

8888…...888888888888888888888 ….8888888888888888888888888

ugh ...  the new year is gone, just remember that beginning and now it's February!, lol meaning that reaches 14 -w-, I think I will not do anything special, but a small but significant exchange with my friends school and palls of chocolates > w < (although I should not eat hahahaha >=3)

Sorry for my absence all this time, do not think I've forgotten my friends on DA :dalove: just that ....The time eat me! >~<, Or how to find the way around it ¬ _ ¬, but try to catch up with my drawings (yep, I have  new :iconyay-plz:) haha hope you receive many gifts this 14 :3


:iconflyingheartsplz: :iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
:iconaxelpixplz: :iconflyingheartsplz::iconaxellaplz::iconleasqueeplz::iconsexyaxelplz::iconkhaxelplz::iconpervyaxelplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
:iconorgxiiiplz: :iconaxel-luv-plz::iconaxel-luv-plz2: :iconaxel-plz: :iconaxelcameplz: :iconcuteaxelplz: :iconaxelpillowplz: :iconangryaxelplz:

:iconflyingheartsplz: :iconaxelkissplz::iconangel-wing1plz:::iconealicaria::iconangel-wing2plz::iconaxelkissplz2: :iconflyingheartsplz:


EaLicaria's Profile Picture
Luna the Wolf
Happy birthday EaLicaria! by CaxceberXVI------->:iconyayzplz: ‘‘‘‘Por mi cumple el 6 de Noviembre 2012!!!! :iconyayzplz: Credits to: :iconpeter-hugplz::iconcaxceberxvi: and Square Enix Stamp by SuperFlash1980:iconkittan-iconhug2: by kittan-iconhug2
It is not the dog or the hand :iconchuuplz:

Quinton and Axel by anarchymarie
Organization XIII Stamp by SweetDukeBirth By Sleep Stamp by SweetDuke
Axel - Lea Stamp by NekopieLea is Immortal Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chanAxel Stamp by FlameSalvo
:thumb274888963:Lea stamp by cakoir
Axel by winter-ame:thumb148297982:
VIII - Axel by SitarPlayerIXLea is cute by wocket-in-my-pocket
Axel by EllexonLea Stamp by SaintJoanofTheRoses
Axel Pout Stamp by Flamongirl13
Axel fan stamp by AnimalSam
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axel stamp by 100percentapplejuice
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I Support Memory-obsessors by WolfieKid
just friends by Brixyfire
I Support A--X--E--L by masterofmuffins
Who Axel likes by onebecamenone
Axel's Head Lifting Stamp by Balaczter
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Stamp - commit it to memory by kaitoupirate
KK: Axel Rox confusion Stamp by RoxyRoo
I Cried When Axel Died Stamp by LenaLawliet
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Axel Stamp 4 by AxelPsycho835
Axel Stamp 5 by AxelPsycho835
Axel Stamp 2 by AxelPsycho835
Axel stamp 3 by AxelPsycho835
Axel Stamp by KHIIClub
KH Twitter_Bots Stamp 3 by FlameSalvo
Axel Organization XIII Stamp by r0ckmom
Axel Is Flattered Stamp by LenaLawliet

Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue :thumb158795847:pokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspiritPokemon stamp by maxari4
Lucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991Riolu Stamp by NoNamepje.Sir Aaron Stamp. by Random-411Mudkip Stamp by Kevfin
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:thumb306169092:Stamp - Riolu by Evadoll259 - Marshtomp by Marlenesstamps
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:thumb302828278:Riolu Fan Stamp by TheBenderama
Wait please, Lucario Appears here ---->Steel Yourself for this Pokemon Parade by The-Emerald-OtterPokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna
Stamp Lucario fan vip by Reji-xRiolu Stamp 4 by NoNamepjeRiley by Light-FoxSwampert Stamp by Swamperts
Rose Raptors Brawlers Stamp by KTWizardRiolu Stamp 3 by NoNamepjeRileyFan Stamp by Szkot-aye260 - Swampert by Marlenesstamps
PS - Lucario by Kris-AJSwampert stamp by Jontukka:thumb187257787:
Lucario by QueenKayaraRiolu Stamp by RokkoKiwiSwampert Fan Stamp by rossmallo:thumb160537164:
Lucario Stamp by BlueEyedWannaBe:thumb302811467:Swampert stamp by TPPR10Request: Stamp for Trystian by The-Emerald-Otter
Lucario Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaPokeWater Starters by AoitonboSwampert Stamp by DrkFaerieGFX:thumb185499039:
Lucario Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsStamp - The Chaser April Fool by TheSallySagaAll the water starters by SimbaTheHumanI :heart: Mudkip Stamp by dark-rukario
Lucario Fan Stamp by rossmalloSwinging Mudkip Stamp by The-Blue-Pangolin
Brawl Proud Lucario User Stamp by WolfTwilight I LIKE IT MORE IN SHINY--->018 Pidgeot Stamp by KevfinPidgeot Stamp by lightpurge
018 - Pidgeot by Marlenesstamps:thumb160786811:Pidgeot by StrawberrieMew
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Lucario Stamp by sim-piePidgeot rules stamp by Sandythewolfhusky:thumb245308799:018-2 Pidgeot Stamp by Pokestamps
x_. Lucario Stamp ._x by Breeto:thumb300818920::thumb300818920:Pidgeot addict stamp by PidgLikesPie
Lucario Stamp by yukidarkfanPidgeot Stamp by RokkoKiwi:thumb321160581:
Brawl: Lucario FS Stamp by WolfTwilightHappy B-Day Gessy by sim-piePidgeot Avatar by Gumidrop
Lucario Stamp by ShadowofDesasterI don't know who is but I love the wings OwO->:thumb252766187:
448 - Lucario by MarlenesstampsPidg Icon by PidgLikesPie
Lucario SS-Brawl Stamp by newperson3245234
Lucario by Cathines-Stamps
Lucario in Brawl Stamp by Pyong-Master
Lucario -Rumble- Stamp by NoNamepje
Lucario Stamp by revolutionX1600
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Lucario Stamp by NarashiOtome
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SSB: Lucario Fan by EerieBean
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Lucario 2 by Cathines-Stamps
Aura Storm by dazedgumball
Lucario stamp 2 by LJ-Pokemon
Night Flare. by Hamshireh
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Fanstamp: Lucario by Lopunny1984

I Love Lucario Stamp by Zahuranecs
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lucario stamp by katealpha1
Lucario don't know what's chocolate ... by Edleithen

:iconlucariolaplz::iconlucario-plz:SSBB animated Lucario avatar by ZatchHunterRiolu Icon :FREE ICON: by tamamarocks
:thumb156752925:Free Lucario avatar by SuperTuffPinkPuff:thumb186201135:Icon for UltimateTetra by Waffles-n-Ramen
Lucario Icon by BlazeTheCat15448 Lucario - Faded by ShrimpBisqueRiolu free avatar by Veemonsito
Lucario Avatar by Axel230Icon - Riolu -PokemonLover5673 by NuclearFizixFree Riolu avatar by SilverLucario12Satisfied by RaveSolid13
Shinx And Riolu icon set by Boredom-xDRiolu Free Avatar by AhsokaTanoFan2Riolu Avatar by Axel230Riolu expressions icon by Lucario375

Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Luna Stamp by jewlechoNightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho:thumb324149348:
:iconhappyprincesslunaplz: :iconlunasmilesplz:
:iconlunadatflankplz:              :iconnightmaremoonplz:
:iconninjalunaplz:                    :iconprincesslunashyplz:       
:iconlunaissadplz:                 :iconlunamadplz:
:iconlunasaluteplz: :iconwoonaplz: :iconmoonplz: :iconmoon-plz: :iconluna-plz:
:iconprincesslunadanceplz:   :iconlunaeatingplz:  
:iconhappywoonaplz:                                                :iconlunashappyplz: :iconwinkinglunaplz:
:iconmostwonderfullunaplz: :iconlunashrugplz::iconnmmshrugplz:  :iconlunachallengeplz: :iconlunappleshrugplz: :iconlunaclapplz:
:iconprincesslunaplz:  :iconlunawaveplz: :iconlunadoubledfunplz:     
:iconshockedlunaplz:            :iconlunahuzzahplz:  :iconlovestrucklunaplz:
:iconprincesslunahappyplz: :iconlunalaplz:

Monster High Title Stamp by RebiValeska:thumb188988220:Monster High Stamp by StarrphyreMonster High 1 by kaorinyaplz
Clawdeen Stamp by kaorinyaplzMH - Clawdeen Wolf by EllisStampcollectionMonster High 2 by kaorinyaplz
Clawdeen Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplz:iconclawdeenwolfplz:clawdeen icon by vanilla-the-echidna:thumb284809479:


Leonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-Stamps

Me gusta Dibujar, antes no lo hacia porque siempre me quejaba de que no lo hacia bien, pero me di cuenta de que cuando uno quiere cambiar y le pone empeρo, verdaderamente los resultados son grandiosamente fabulosos (o por lo menos eso pienso yo y asi me resulto), otra cosa que puedo decir es que me amo a los animales, sobretodo a los canes (lobos, perros, etc) y me fascina el color Azϊl, para mi es un color celestial, magico, hermoso y maravilloso, lleno de pureza y se ve espectacular combinado con otros.

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